Tuesday, October 15, 2013

still Islam did not reached every home

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still Islam did not reached every home.

the muslims all over the world think that, they have already performed the duty to convey the message of Islam to all of the world, and that Islam has been reached each and every corner of the world.
this concept of muslims is false, they are living in fantasy, the reality is just opposite, there are thousands of proofs that Islam has not reached every nook and corner of the world, nor muslims have done any duty to convey it.

Read the following BBC News article, you will know that, if Islam have had reached every person then this "event" might not had happened. 

read with wide open eyes o poor muslims, come out of your fantacies..

Monday, July 2, 2012

Liberty Hijacked: Freedom Kidnapped

Liberty Hijacked: Freedom Kidnapped:

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Liberty and modern form of virtual enslavement Freedom Kidnapped! Today we think that we are most modern, we have democratic governm...

Freedom Kidnapped

taboo what is forbidden: Jews and Muslims and Israel:  

Liberty and modern form of virtual enslavement
Freedom Kidnapped!

we do not want our governments become our masters, now in today's era all the governments have became the masters of the public, they are tightening the holds at helpless peoples.

Our government should be our servant, if our government cannot become our servant then we do not need any government at all to become our master, and to make us SLAVES.

Today we think that we are most modern, we have democratic governments, we hate the kings and emperors and feuds who had whips in their hands and who were enjoying the life to the fullest extent and strength while the common peoples were dyeing with plagues and poverty, but now we are modern and western and free, we think that we have freedom now!  And we really think that Abraham Lincoln has rightly said that the Democracy is for the peoples, of the peoples and by the people! And now we think that the slavery will never return in our lives, but this is an illusion.
To understand the illusion let us first consider the government. What is the government, and why we need any government at all, and what the government is doing for us, what it is taking from us and what it is giving to us?
When the human individuals started their life on earth they were in need of food, reproduction, and shelter or protection, the food was in plenty in those days, fruits and nuts were the diet, and beautiful women were the only means of attraction of the early humans, this attraction and the attempt to contact any women was the beginning of conflict in that primitive human gang, this conflict resulted in two scenarios, either the victory over the other individual or owner of that woman, or the treaty with that owner.
In both the cases the peoples who were mere viewers of this said wresting and the defeated group had the feeling to resolve the problem, so this group started seeking help from their elderly persons and from the persons who had more power and strength in their muscles.
Now this was the seed of the government, now the respectable elderly person or any muscular young man became the problem solver of that primitive gang, and this mighty man gathered other cooperative persons in his company and employed them and deputed them different tasks,  this mighty man started resolving various problems of their group, he also ensured the food distribution in the gang, because there always were wounded and sick persons in the gang who could not climb on trees for picking the fruits as the other healthy members of the group had done and when they returned they were having branches of the tree full of fruits, now distributing the food among the other bedridden peoples was the duty of the newly chosen muscular mighty man, now we will call him the chief or king for our convenience.
This primitive form of the government was to ensure peace and justice in the human society, this primitive government is problem resolver, the chief was just like their Grandfather or he was a compassionate big boss, he was really just and mighty enough to protect the section of the peoples who were under his gang.
At this point I want to tell you that I am not a anti feminist, and nobody should  think that I am of this opinion that the women were the first cause of conflict, this was mere an imagination of origin of conflict.
The first primitive governments were for the protection of the gangs under their banners, these governments resolved the small and routine conflicts of the members, they tried to ensure law and order and they provided justice, but slowly as time passed into millenniums these primitive governments became oppressive, they exploited its power and might, they employed armies and they enjoyed a life of bliss while the common peoples suffered heavily.
Now you have the history of the kings and emperors and feuds and the land lords and the history of human sufferings and the history of plague and slavery.
After this came the modern era in Europe, the peoples got enlightenment, then theories of politics emerged every where was the popularity of freedom and liberty, then came the industrial revolution and with it came the democracy in the world.
Then up till today peoples of the modern world are thinking that they are free and they have liberty, because the initial democratic governments of the past were really democratic, they were really for the peoples, by the peoples and of the peoples, but now slowly and unconsciously or unnoticeably and imperceptibly our democratic governments are becoming more and more authoritarian, they are becoming more and more dictatorial type and they are treating the public as these peoples are their subjects, they are imposing more strict laws and regulations on the public and in the name of war with terrorism, these governments are treating the public as captives, imposing taxes whenever they want, imposing insulting laws in the name of security.
These governments are not to rule over us, these governments are to serve us, they should never be our kings and emperors.
Our freedom and liberty is hijacked.
We have illusion of freedom and liberty because we have allowed doing taboos.
The peoples who are in government services are thinking as if they are not part of common public, we do not want kings and rulers to rule over us, we do not need government if they becomes authoritarians, what the government is doing for us and what it is taking from us instead?
The government today is the sole owner of the whole resources of the land of the nation; it is exploiting it to the fullest extent and behaving as if it has full authority over the lives and dignities of the common peoples, the government is not responsible for the trade and industries and services and employment in the nation, this all is going on its own, this is the need of the peoples and it is in existence, the government is in no means the provider of the employment, the peoples need various things so there is industry and employment.
The government is the owner of the resources, it is the owner of mines and coal and gas and minerals and metals and electricity and petroleum and gas and telecommunications and transportation and even though it is imposing taxes over the public, and the public is paying the hard earned money for the implementation of wrong ideologies of the government and the same tax money is used against the very same public to make them slaves.
Why we need government, we are not primitive any more, we are modern now we are grown up now we are not remained cave man any more, and the government is for providing peace and justice, not for creating terrorism.
This was the story of the modern world’s liberty illusion.
On the other hand the picture of the third world countries is also similar peoples are kept continuously under oppression by  long duration dictators and rulers, who have been deliberately allowed to be in office for this purpose only.
Engineer Ishrat Hussain Mohammad, Dubai. U.A.E.

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